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 A scene from Dare! Osez!     produced for the Council of the  Network of Official Language  Champions

 Dare !  Osez !  promotes  linguistic  duality  as  a  personal  and  organizational  value  for  public  service  employees.  The  production  features  Andrea  Lindsay,  an  anglophone  Canadian  singer-songwriter  who  won  a  Juno  Award  for  ‘Francophone  Album  of  the  Year‘  in  2010.

On location in Holman, NWT for Health Canada during the filming of Breaking Down the Barriers of Distance and Access: Telehealth in Canada

 Produced  for  the  Canadian  visit  of  the  First  Wives  of  the  Americas,  this  video  showcases  Canada’s  strides  in  extending  health  care  into  remote  Arctic  areas  using  satellite  technology. 


A shot from  Keeping the Great Lakes Great,  produced for Environment Canada

The video serves as a key element of a Great Lakes awareness campaign targeting internal Environment Canada audiences as well as the Canadian public and media. 


 A  scene  from  a  recruitment  video  produced  for  the  Canadian  Forces  School  of  Aerospace  Technology  and  Engineering

This  fast-paced,  futuristic  production  is  designed  to  appeal  to  a  young  and  tech-   savvy  audience  by  placing  the  interview  clips  in  a  “virtual  aircraft  hanger”.


 On location at Vimy Ridge,  France  for the production of The Year of the Veteran,  produced for  Veterans Affairs Canada

 This  video  premiered  on  Parliament  Hill  and was screened  at  NHL  hockey  games,  on inflight  entertainment  and  in movie  theatres.  It   honours  Canada’s  veterans  for  their  courage  and  sacrifice.

Our Mission

Complete  video  production  from  concept  to  screen  to  maximize  your  communication  requirements

Royal York Communications is a dynamic multimedia production company specializing in video services for the Government of Canada in both official languages.  An approved PWGSC supplier since 1996, we are proud to be on the Standing Offer/Supply Arrangement list for the National Capital Region.

Royal York Communications has produced more than 300 videos for a wide variety of Government of Canada clients… ranging from the Governor General and DND to Parks Canada and Environment Canada. Our award-winning productions have helped build our reputation for quality, creative presentations for the big screen, TV, DVD player, web, tablets and smart phones.

Whatever your communication needs – training, promotion, motivation, marketing or information – Royal York Communications can be relied on to create a polished and professional production on time and on budget.